Web technologies at Siphyc

With the wide variety of technologies in the domain of web systems, it was crucial for us to build our team of experts with the target of covering a wide range of web platforms, however, we identified key areas that constitute the bulk of our pool of skill sets, and focused our efforts on getting exceptionally good at them. These areas include Enterprise applications, E-commerce and social networking, The following technologies are where we thrive best


Java technologies are extensively utilized at Siphyc, the range of java based solutions, combined with deployment flexibility and implementation choices makes Java technologies the standard go-to for a variety of projects across a wide range of solutions we provide at Siphyc.


At Siphyc, Javascript is the language that every single programmer in our pool of expertise has some level of experience with. Because of it's popularity, Javascript code can easily break a well designed development process and cause all kinds of fragmentation in the code base of a project, for this reason, we put a great deal of effort into regulating and managing Javascript code base using a variety of tools, most notably, Closure Library for large scale distributed development projects.


When things get serious, and performance requirements start squeezing other programming languages out of spec conformity, the good old C/C++ languages rise to meet the expectations. Because of the fact that we offer services in the domain of embedded systems, where environment constraints are generally very strict, we have a rich pool of expertise to reach into when C/C++ based technologies are needed in web based solution.


Python is our go-to scripting language for tasks like tooling, prototyping, and rapid system development. The flexibility Python affords our technologists allows us to deliver large chunks of deliverables in an exceptionally short time. We achieve that by keeping our internal infrastructure in a production ready state, so we can easily hook to readily available functionalities like NO-SQL storage engines and computation cluster nodes.

Embedded technologies at Siphyc

With the massive load of standards governing many sub disciplines within the vast field of embedded systems, we focused our efforts on specific platforms and got exceptionally good at them, we are constantly improving our pool of expertise to cover more ground, but the following platforms are where we stand today.


Embedded Linux is the embedded OS of choice in many, if not most soft real time applications. The use of Embedded Linux often reduces time to market, offers access to a vibrant community for support, and provides a pool of ready to use, off the shelf tools that would otherwise take a great deal of effort and resources to develop.

Bare metal / RTOS

FreeRTOS and it's variants construct our main arsenal in the domain of embedded real time operating systems, as they provide commercial friendly licensing schemes and a large community of development support. When it comes to bare metal based embedded systems, our engineers know their way around ARM based series of microprocessors, particularly Cortex-A and Cortex-M based systems. We also work with smaller 8/16 bit based microcontrollers when required.


The popularity of the Android platform is undisputed, with over one billion devices activated, Android platform had to be one of our main platforms of focus. We build embedded systems, from the ground up, using Android OS for any suitable application our clients desire. We also build android applications for different targets of the Android market, including mobile applications.